SWAJE is focused on encouraging multicultural and feminine empowerment through textile design and community as it strives to cultivate a collective consciousness of human soul connection. SWAJE is a brand intended to share and embrace goddess energy that women and men alike possess and can nurture and express freely. SWAJE encourages goddess energy through Goddess’ that Give and Women’s Soul Circles, meant to help educate and empower women in the community by donating money to organizations that help girls become successful.


Excerpt from "The things my mother taught me" about the creators Imani + Carolyn Quinn

It was interesting growing up as a biracial girl, in a predominately white town, being raised within a sub West-African culture, by my white single mother with a Kenyan god father and a Chilean god mother I learned what it meant to be truly cultural. I’m a blend living in a blended world. My mom had a teahouse when I was growing up so I spent most of my days baking scones, serving tea, talking with adults, sewing and dancing.

The bond between a mother and daughter is one of the most sacred, soft and loving gems. I’m really lucky to be able to share that outward with the world through Swaje. 

When we started Swaje a year ago we were sending material, patterns and full pieces back and forth between Oregon and California and when I have the chance, I sew with her in Oregon as well. It’s truly a gift to be able to work with my mother. And that is why the vision of this company is womanhood, woman empowerment and passing gifts and lessons down from generation to generation. 

Here at Swaje it is our mission to cultivate a multicultural lifestyle, where a little bit of everyone is seen. We are heavily influenced by the afro textiles due to Imani’s background, but it is our duty to give a place for everyone to be a part of, to build a more open, all encompassing community. at Swaje we hope to enrich those moments bringing a multicultural look at fashion as our world today is evolving and blending. Clothes are a part of us, they are a part of our story, and they are our introduction to the world before a word is uttered. Swaje wants to be a part of the world that embraces many in a collective consciousness to bring connection. To give people a clothing line that intentionally builds self-empowerment through the designs. 


The Quinn Women