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Imani quinn, Founder + lead designer

Biracial, with a white and black background and godparents from Chile and Kenya. She grew up in her mothers tea house with live music from Brazilian and Turkish artists. She also was trained in traditional West African Dance and Salsa. Her hunger for cultural appreciation and education extended past her childhood and into her passion for creating a company that empowers people of different backgrounds and brings us into a unified community. She has taught and choreographed dance for performing arts programs in LAUSD for the past 5 years. Since founding SWAJE she has designed 3 collections, collaborated with artists and appeared within the local market. She has been featured in Brown Girls Rising partnered with Nylon as well as her collection appearing in 29 Rooms with No One Art House.

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Carolyn Quinn, Designer + Seamstress

She has formed dance companies, debuted her artwork in local art galleries, created her own batik clothing and had a Tea House for 8 years. At SWAJE she is the assistant to design and produces 100% of the collections. She is also the very dear mother of Imani, founder of SWAJE.