To be presented at this years   Fashion and Film Festival in Milan  . Sep. 2018.

To be presented at this years Fashion and Film Festival in Milan. Sep. 2018.

Period Piece //

We created a dance fashion film about menstruation featuring the SWAJE Ivory Opaque collection. The collective dance narrates a story of womanhood in an effort to diminish the stigma around menstrual cycles. The dancers will begin by dancing together in synchronicity all in the Ivory Opaque collection: representing purity, when one of the girls gets her period, which will be portrayed symbolically through a red dress. At this point the woman on her period falls out of rhythm with the rest of the tribe of women, struggling to keep herself in balance, the other women become aware and help her through the experience. In this moment we see all the women transition into wearing the red dress from the opaque collection and begin dancing together in synchronized movement. The red dress will symbolize boldness and women reclaiming their power without being shamed for their menstrual cycle. The piece symbolically takes the stigma away from the menstrual experience by expressing to women that we can come together and share the menstrual experience instead of hiding in its societal appointed shame. The red color represents the energy that we are promoting, of confidence and unapologetic pride in our bodies

Directed and Produced by: Alexandra Velasco and Dasha Orlova / Original Concept: Imani Quinn / Music: Drum&Lace / Choreography: Imani Quinn / Fashion Film: SWAJE / Dancers: Imani Quinn, Ozgecan Tapa, Carly Cannata, Zuri Adele / Camera Assitant: Caroline Lucia