OPAQUE Collaborative Artistic Collection

This special edition collection and collaborative artistic piece is a composition of neutral tones that express a contrast between simplicity and fluidity. This piece is meant to leave room for that which can not be defined in the confines of space, it is abstract, a collective emotion felt in its most raw and organic form, to allow the viewer the opportunity to decide what it makes them feel. The simplicity of color and hues allows for the opaque quality to lie within what emotions it brings to the viewer; being one or a fluid range of emotions. A story left to be written by those who choose to explore the vastness of movement, music composition, color and texture.

Music: Jon Walburg
Choreography: Imani Quinn
Design and clothing: SWAJE (Made by Imani and Carolyn Quinn)
Dancers: Imani Quinn, Merema Ahmed, Zareth Pinto, Alyssa Aparicio
Videographer: Erin Wesley, Makeup: Brandon Moreno

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