Need some inspiration? Listen in on this podcast!

Hey SWAJE fam!

We're at it again! Founder Imani Quinn was given the opportunity to speak on the Life According to Her podcast and it is quite an inspiring conversation to listen in on. It can be found at the following link:

What we're talking about:

  • What Imani does to stay mentally strong

  • How she navigates change despite being a creature of habit

  • Transitioning from a career as a charter school teacher to the founder of a textiles startup 

  • How she’s not waiting to give back to a community of young women through "Godesses That Give"

It's a great listen and source of inspiration if you're looking to kick some booty today!

all the love,

SWAJE Family


Opaque Project + Collaboration

SWAJE is working on creating a special edition outfit titled, "Opaque" and we recently did a collaborative project where this special piece will be showcased. The project was choreographed by SWAJE founder, Imani Quinn with accompanied music that was composed specifically for this piece. The project is underway and getting ready for a private viewing. Catch it in action at a pop-up event coming soon to Los Angeles. For your viewing pleasures take a look at a picture from shoot day.


As seen on

SWAJE has made some pretty creative collaborations in its time thus far. This was by far one of the most special ones. We did a collaboration with Kiran of Madame Gandhi last December 2016 with our first collection Artesia + Saadiq. Kiran is rocking the Elijah button up in this series, this particular button up is one of a kind, but you can find it in our shop section with some other pretty dope designs!


Catch SWAJES founder "Imani Quinn" in The Femme + Fortune Magazine

Hey SWAJE fam!

So our founder Imani Quinn wrote a pretty humorous, sassy and authentic article for Femme + Fortune Magazine titled, "Find your purpose and make it dance" which tells the journey of how she came to create SWAJE. If you're looking for some inspiration on starting your own business or just on finding that passion and rocking it out take a read! Just follow the link: